Bangkok Art Biennale

In 2018 Bangkok is upping its game on the international art scene and is having first show that it’s aiming to run every two years called the Bangkok Art Biennale. It’s called Beyond Bliss and will be from 19 Oct 18 - 3 Feb 19, and features the work of over 200 contemporary artists scattered around Bangkok.

Hong Kong's Victoria Harbour, and how easy it is to get here.

Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong

Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong

About a minute after I get on the bus it pulls out from the bay and begins it journey into the city. This was my first trip to Hong Kong - that statement alone, alludes to how I  feel about Hong Kong, it’s my first, certainly not meant to be my last visit here.

I’ve got a hotel booked in Tsim Sha Tsui, which is on the Kowloon side of Victoria Harbour. I found this bus from an info sheet that I printed off from the hotel, it listed 4 different ways to get to my hotel, by express bus, by regular bus, by taxi and by train.

It's been awhile since I've been in a double decker bus, this one has very comfortable seating. I wonder how long the journey will be, as a PA system announces the stops, alongside a TV monitor listing them, as well as a scrolling LED screen in English and Chinese.

Normally on a new route I would be concerned about getting off at the right spot, however it's quickly obvious, that this won't be a problem for me tonight.

On my flight over, there were power outlets in every seat so my phone was fully charged. I now take it out and open the maps and turn on the GPS, even without a local sim card, the map I pulled up earlier on my phone is saved to the HK area. I glance out the window as we cross the magnificent Tsing Ma bridge, and slowly glance down at the little blue blip following along on the map on my phone. Technology makes things easy!

I'm all settled into my room, and I'm excited to head out, explore the city and take some photos. I've got a great (free!) app, called Stuck on Earth, I open it up, and it easily pinpoints where I am, and I can see some great photos that have been taken nearby. Seeing all the pin points in one direction, I plan my route and head out to the location that is the key point in Victoria Harbour to get the stunning view.

It's a misty night, and the 18 degrees Celsius feels like freezing to someone use to a tropical climate. I battle through this "chill" and fog, and make my own iconic photo. The low hanging fog does a nice job reflecting the lights from the buildings and compliments the reflection off the water. A long exposure smooths out the waves, as it was a bit of a windy evening.

Satisfied I head back to the warmth of my hotel, and reflect back on just how much easier it is to travel. The most difficult part of my navigating that night was Hong Kong's insistence that pedestrians cross underground, and not at street level. Big fences are everywhere as reinforcement, that if you want to get to the other side of the road, you have to find another way.

The photo above made my photo of the day blog here


Looking ahead to 2014

As we approach a new year, it's that time where everyone speaks of resolutions.  Without a plan, achievements are difficult to mark.   So we all make them, in an effort to get to a better place.  Some are easy to achieve, some are just empty bags full of hope, with a desire to triumph over past experience.  So in considering that we are all mere humans, and fail sometimes even with our best intentions, I focused my plan for a resolution that would push me, but also be an achievable goal.

I started by looking back to see what promises to myself I have made, achieved, and pleased with the results. An achievement that would do better with more development. One resounding effort was in 2010 when I decided to step up and get serious with my photography. That year, I began, a 365 photography project, pledging to take a photo every day for a year.

Looking back at those photos, I see a year of my life, my family and friends, my travels. They are a great memory of scattered moments, tied together daily.

Here is to more random photos this coming year:  Handsome Gas in Koh Phangan

Here is to more random photos this coming year:

Handsome Gas in Koh Phangan

So this year, to continue an exploration and discovery of photography. I'm ready to resume the challenge.  What excites me about this installment is that I'm living in Bangkok. Having a new city as a home, will open up my creativity.  I've found that in the photos I take here, I see more of an editorial style.  Trying to capture the essence of what life is really like in Bangkok, and in Thailand. 

I remember in my 2010 project that I did, struggle with creativity.  As most people are creatures of habit and do the same thing every day. Trying to find a new photo, of something interesting does become a challenge in itself.

This is my biggest resolution, it will require the most effort. However hard work is a great maker on my road map to personal and photographic development. Making a public claim, and announcing my intentions is also a great way to make myself accountable.

Curious about the 2010 Project? It's all right here: Project 365-2010

So now that I've declared first, I do wonder - what do you have in plan for next year?


A few photos from Ayutthaya

Sometimes you just want to be free from the weight of a camera body and a couple of lens.  

I've recently gone on a trip to Ayutthaya and while there I did what most people do: I visited a whole bunch of temples.  Here are some of my favourite photos from my adventures on foot,  bicycle and by boat around the island. These were taken over a couple of days, and none of them with my SLR.

A really pretty motorbike Helmet.

It's not so strange in Thailand to see men where pink and purple with no regard or the slightest thought that it might threaten their masculinity. Something that I've noticed more and more is this new brand of motorcycle helmets the bike boys tend to wear. I find it slightly amusing, every time I get behind one and see the "Pretty Lady" moniker.n I'm sure someone's told them what it means. But alas, every night on my way home from work I grab a bike from the same place and I'm greeted with a heartfelt "Good Morning" I've tried a few times to explain that it's evening, but my Thai, is worse than their English.  I appreciate their effort, and it's more than most people will make.

I hope they do know what it means, and just don't care! They're still tough guys to me.


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